Judy Gibson Questionnaire

a. Presentation: visual ideas about style, color, light etc. // young, gender neutral, new b. Tone: communication-related adjectives. // serious, trustworthy, confident c. Personality: human like attributes. // experimental, curious, reliable d. Values: abstract notions that are unique to your company’s mission // collaborative, honest, committed.
Masculine/Feminine Simple/Intricate Grey/Colorful Conservative/Extravagant Approachable/Athoritative Necessity/Luxury Fun/Serious Professional/Casual Modern/Classic Sporty/Elegant Extreme/Safe
Examples of household brand personalities: a. REI: Outdoors lover b. Target: Bold c. Whole Foods: Earthy/Peaceful
a. Wordmark: text-only logo (FedEx, Coca-Cola) b. Combination mark: type in combination with imagery (Starbucks, MasterCard) c. Icon only: no text. This is better once you’re brand becomes more established (Nike)
Stickers, signage, labels, apparel, hang tags, web, etc.

Thank you!