Maggie Mae’s Questionnaire

What sets you apart from competitors and how are you different?
What brands do you admire?
a. Presentation: visual ideas about style, color, light etc. // young, gender neutral, new b. Tone: communication-related adjectives. // serious, trustworthy, confident c. Personality: human like attributes. // experimental, curious, reliable d. Values: abstract notions that are unique to your company’s mission // collaborative, honest, committed
Masculine/Feminine Simple/Intricate Grey/Colorful Conservative/Extravagant Approachable/Authoritative Necessity/Luxury Fun/Serious Professional/Casual Modern/Classic Sporty/Elegant Extreme/Safe
Examples of household brand personalities: a. REI: Outdoors lover b. Target: Bold c. Whole Foods: Earthy/Peaceful
a. Wordmark: text-only logo (FedEx, Coca-Cola) b. Combination mark: type in combination with imagery (Starbucks, MasterCard) c. Icon only: no text. This is better once you’re brand becomes more established (Nike)
Stickers, signage, labels, product packaging, apparel, hang tags, etc.
This should include as many keywords as possible (words you expect people to use when they search for a business like yours.) Please provide 10-15 keywords.
Examples include GoDaddy, Blue Host, etc.

Thank you!